A pervading sense of community governs at La Granja, where an enlightened program of rituals affirms and celebrates our growing global community’s radical togetherness. The rituals are led and organized by Friends of a Farmer, a creative alliance of individuals diversely inspired by progressive ideas about the environment, society, culture, spirituality and well-being.


Under the guidance of our master farmer, visitors to La Granja learn about biodynamic agriculture and subsistence farming, from regrowing ancient seeds to planting, cultivating, and harvesting a gorgeous range of sustaining produce, rich in vitamins and minerals for the body and mind, according to the natural rhythms of the seasons and moon cycles.

Friends from the wider creative community will stop by throughout the season to share their experiences and expertise in the fields of farming, sustainable living, the future of travel, urbanism, design, art, and architecture.

La Granja also welcomes healers of various types to lead us in guided meditation, sound baths, and other healing rituals and energy work across various cultures and disciplines.


We would love for you to join us in ritual. To find out more,
please send an email to farmer@friendsofafarmer.com