This season, La Granja Ibiza serves as the clubhouse for Friends of a Farmer, a creative community of various disciplines forged around the cultivation of art, crops and inner gardens.   


Book a room to gain one-time access to all of La Granja's facilities, or for unlimited access, apply to become a member and pay the seasonal membership fee of €200. Membership includes access to the grounds of La Granja for you and up to two guests, everyday lunch and dinner at our communal tables, as well as access to the tree bar, where you can explore the fine selection of artisanal spirits, natural wines and craft beers everyday from 6pm. You are also invited to take part in our gatherings and programs.

Friends from the community will stop by throughout the season to share their experiences and expertise in the fields of farming, sustainable living, the future of traveling, design, architecture as well as poetry and art. Daily music sets by select musicians and DJs from around the world will further foster a spirit of togetherness.

Friends of a Farmer supports the Ibiza Preservation Fund, a nonprofit environmental organization working to enhance sustainability on Ibiza; protecting terrestrial ecosystems, water sources, and infrastructure; and working to optimize waste management and renewable energies.

The required minimum age for children coming to La Granja is 12 years old. For special events you will always get preferred access. Please note that there may be occasional private functions, so please let us know in advance when you plan to come.

The Farmer