Among the honey-hued fields and moody pine forests of Ibiza’s pastoral inlands sits La Granja, an enclave of pared-down relaxation and rural simplicity. La Granja serves as the clubhouse of Friends of a Farmer, an international organization forged around the cultivation of art, music, and crops.



Tucked into 10 hectares of secluded farmland and citrus groves, the centuries-old stone farmhouse anchors an estate where ritualistic relaxation informs and nourishes.

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A daily offering of music, art, mindfulness and gastronomy will be served at La Granja, fostering a spirit of togetherness.

Friends of a Farmer

The Friends of a Farmer collective operates from a core mandate to grow, nourish, and give back. It is a community of likeminded members who seek to better the environment through forward-thinking, socially conscious, proactive work.

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