The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse


The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse


Converting the once-private residence was more an act of preservation than of transformation. Dreimeta design studio highlighted the structure’s weather-worn imperfections, imbuing the space with an aching elegance.


Marked by classical Iberian architecture and traces of Moorish influences, the public spaces, nine guestrooms and freestanding guesthouse feature arched walls and dark-wood beamed ceilings and doors, accented by hammered iron doorknobs and fixtures. Communal spaces, including the kitchen and pool, bring likeminded guests together, while cozy nooks are found inside and out for moments of simple solitude.

The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. Using flawed and scarred materials and surfaces we’ve alluded to the enigma of time passing.
— Armin Fischer, Dreimeta Design Studio








The guestrooms vary in size; each one is outfitted with a luxury bed and materials of burnt wood, brushed and oiled ash, wood, stone and slate.



Ranging between 16 and 24 square meters, 
the Intimate rooms sleep two and include a queen-size bed and a bathroom with a shower.


May 16 – June 21: € 350
June 22 – Sept 15: € 550
Sept 16 – Dec 31: € 350


Garden & Terrace

The 20- to 25-square-meter Garden & Terrace rooms accommodate up to three people and feature a private garden or a terrace with a sunset view overlooking the farm.

May 16 – June 21: € 550
June 22 – Sept 15: € 750
Sept 16 – Dec 31: € 550



Starting at 55 square meters, the suites sleep three and include a separate lounge area with a daybed, a bathroom with a shower and tub or wash basin, and a two-level private terrace with 360-degree views of the island or a private garden with a sunset view overlooking the pine forest. 


May 16 – June 21: € 750
June 22 – Sept 15: € 950
Sept 16 – Dec 31: € 750



Located 50 meters away from the farmhouse and accommodating up to five people, the 75-square-meter freestanding Guesthouse features two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms with shower, a separate lounge area with a daybed and a private garden overlooking the farm.


May 16 – June 21: € 950
June 22 – Sept 15: € 1550
Sept 16 – Dec 31: € 950