La Granja embraces the Mediterranean diet not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle. It’s the food. It’s the rituals. It’s getting fresh air, sunshine and the right kind of exercise. It’s the whole approach—beginning, of course, with the soil. A vast assortment of farm-grown fruit and vegetable varieties make their way to the kitchen, where chef José Catrimán prepares a delicious variety of healthy, fresh slow food for the communal table.

I like to serve foods whole whenever possible. For us, the dream is that when somebody sees the fish, they eat it with their hands, because there’s so much good stuff between the bones.
— José Catrimán, Head Chef

A lifelong proponent of simple, farm-to-table cuisine, José began cooking at a very young age in his mother’s kitchen. As La Granja’s kitchen master, José works in close collaboration with Andy the farmer, as well as with small producers from Ibiza and greater Spain.

Sharing is a central tenet of chef José’s cooking philosophy. Meals at La Granja are served family style at large communal tables. This preserves the integrity of the ingredients and provides greater flexibility, while bringing people together, which José believes is a central component of the best culinary traditions.