A pervading sense of community governs at La Granja, where an enlightened program of rituals affirms and celebrates our growing global community’s radical togetherness. The rituals are led and organized by Friends of a Farmer, a creative alliance of individuals diversely inspired by progressive ideas about the environment, society, culture, spirituality and well-being.


Lucid Sundays

Every Sunday

Deemed the universal language of mankind, music gives the international multicultural association an extra cohesion and vibe. Experimental rather than formulaic, preferably live, often performed impromptu, it engages the audience rather than simply entertains it. It pleases good taste as much as it cultivates it; expands erudition, artfully combining the elements of cutting-edge electronica and traditional acoustic ethno from around the world. Lucid Sundays is one of the weekly series of events with emphasis on music and of this particular type. Think of it as a La Granja signature sound, both a tribute and contribution to real Ibiza.



Other Thursdays

Every Thursday

Other Thursdays are music-driven weekly events. Their openness implies collaboration with notable record labels, other clubs, organizations and individuals. As with all programs at La Granja, our mission is to facilitate the most original experiences one can possibly have on the island, keeping Ibiza real. 



Sound Rituals

Every Friday

Sound baths have been around for centuries, but it's just recently with the development of neuroscience that we have come to better appreciate their effects; to monitor and precise-control the phenomena, tailoring sound waves to our minds and bodies, unique in each case. Properly conducted, the sonic sessions enable us to unlock our hidden powers, connect us to our higher selves, bringing about greater freedom and vitality. These weekly events combine deep relaxation sessions with live music acts, of a kind to induce introspection and zen-like holistic reflection rather than to trigger a physical response.

Inner Gardens:
Mind & Body

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Group meditation

It's about so much more than simply stretching on a mat, resting in silence or getting a massage. Using various styles of yoga, meditative methods and therapies as models for positive change, the program invites you to relax your muscles, calm the turbulence of your thoughts, discover your deeper self and have it blossom in perfect consonance with the world. Body & Mind classes, sessions and treatments are regular occurrences at La Granja.

Farmer's Convivium


Convivium, meaning “living together” (from Latin: com + vivo), plays a similar role at La Granja today as it did in ancient times—a key social institution, a forum for a certain group of people to assemble, to present ideas, discuss, debate, to plot or simply to revel with their equals. A Farmer’s Convivium is a periodic informal gathering around the Farmer’s Table or elsewhere at the Farm with invitations extended to special guests—artists, thinkers, innovators, activists, farmers, community leaders… Its purpose: to farm knowledge and pass it on to others. “The greatest of all pleasures is the pleasure of learning.”

Fine Farm Food


Jose Catriman, our farmer-chef guru and self-made culinarian virtuoso from Patagonia, hosts solo or back-to-back open kitchen jam sessions, involving eminent guest chefs who represent the global slow-food movement. Jose’s farm-to-table concept inevitably involves the kitchen, where, with the deft touch of a magician, he turns good food into fine art without even slightly compromising its wholesome substance for the sake of aesthetics. As in traveling, the real joy of Fine Farm Food dinners at the Farmer’s Table with friends comes from the journey itself. Though its culmination, sweetened by dessert and enlivened by coffee, is no less of an experience. 

Full Moon Rituals


While new moon is a spiritual moment to seed our intentions, full moon mystically urges us to enact these intentions. Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire, full moon stands to denote the kind of events at La Granja that celebrate one’s Emergence—releasing, letting go, unburdening oneself, making way for new opportunities of being. Meditations, ceremonies, upbeat elevating dance music...

We would love for you to join us in ritual. For a detailed weekly program,
please send an email to farmer@friendsofafarmer.com